Our mission


For over 30 years, DIEL®Sport stands for top quality of winter performance apparel. Over all these years, we put our heart into the creation of original models and struggle to reach excellence by continual innovation and perfection. With almost three-decade long tradition and dedication to evolution in this challenging field, DIEL®Sport proudly stands amongst the world’s leading skiwear brands.

DIEL®Sport’s mission during all this time has been to engage more and more people with the charm of the mountain and sport. The brand has always reached out both to ski lovers and professionals and aimed to provide them with exquisite winter outfits that are stylish and technologically uncompromising.


Diel®Sport’s products achieve consistent superb quality through the use of the most innovative technologies. We utilize the world's up-to-date novelties in materials development and use the advantages of intelligent self-adjusting fabrics that respond to changes in the body microclimate.

All products are made of high tech fabrics from world’s top suppliers, with constant reliable quality and remarkable performance. In addition, the construction of the garments employs advanced all-component stretch technology where each element, from the lining and insulation to the strings is of first-rate elasticity. Diel®Sport’s innovative three-dimensional tailoring system shapes the apparel emphasizing the body contours and frees the movements of limit or constraint.
DIEL®Sport continually strives to ensure that quality management effectively identifies and fulfills customers’ requirements and increases their satisfaction with products that not only meet all standards, but also compete with the best in the field. All stages of creation of DIEL®Sport’s apparel in our own ISO-certified factory are under triple quality control in order to guarantee always the best results.


DIEL®Sport‘s jackets and pants have the top technical level of winter performance apparel and meet the most rigorous demands.

Sturdy and durable, they are a preferred choice even when the action is so intense or the conditions are so harsh that demand uncompromised quality and the equipment efficiency is crucial. The apparel becomes a second skin for the people in the mountain and so DIEL®Sport products are trusted by winter lovers of all calibers, even ski clubs, with more than 90 days per year in the high mountain or polar pioneers, facing the challenges of the Antarctic.

• DIEL®Sport is the official supplier of professional cold-protective clothing for Bulgarian Antarctic Expeditions since 2002.

• DIEL®Sport is the official wear supplier for the Demo Team of Bulgarian Professional Ski Instructors since 2001.

In assurance of premium class qualities, DIEL®Sport grants each product with a Warranty Certificate for a period of TWENTY-FOUR months.


Every year DIEL®Sport designs an entirely new collection of exquisite winter outfits with genuine style that builds on tradition and embodies the essence of our growing experience. Every new season’s collections bring inspiring new proposals with bold lines and lively colors, leading edge materials and technologies.

DIEL®Sport employs the state-of-the-art dye-sublimation technology that gives unlimited opportunities for creating fully made-to-order designs in different graphical styles for unique outfit appearance with high resolution graphics. Special high-quality sublimation dyes add sustainable vibrant colors to the outfits with smooth gradations, saturated nuances and fine details for a striking look.


True to our commitment to be a trusty partner and support stability in all times Diel®Sport is committed to labour ethics, social and environmental responsibility and European prosperity. Our factory was overhauled in order to increase the environmental safety and reduce the energy needs and CO2 emissions with more than 40%. We stay true to the principles to ensure a coherent approach to management of business activities, to be a loyal social partner and to satisfy customers sustainably.

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