Our factory

Diel®Sport has a three-decade tradition of a true European brand, designed and produced entirely in the European Union.

The design and manufacturing process takes place under strict quality management in our own dedicated production facility, one of the best ski wear factories in the EU.

In 1996, the very young and determined DIEL took an important step – taking a loan and buying our own factory. This should eliminate the difficulties in quality and deadlines control met when producing in different points and enable the growing company to meet the increasing orders. The serious decision was motivated also by DIEL's ambition to penetrate the European market.

The most suitable site was concluded to be in the Rhodopes, an area with traditions in light industry and diligent and qualified people. The quest wound up in the endmost village before the border with Greece – Chepinci, 9 km from the town of Rudozem. The people of the village heartily welcomed the long-awaited news that the factory will work again. The mayors of Chepinci and Rudozem were enthused about the project and helped and supported DIEL ever since that first moment.

On the 2nd of June 1996, after a thorough renovation, DIEL’s own factory was officially open. Diel was prepared for new challenges and higher goals. The new factory had 1250 sq. meters built-up area and was furnished with up-to-date automated cutting and sewing machines. 50 employees, well-trained in the making of winter sports and working clothes, operated on two well organized production lines.

All stages of creation of DIEL®Sport’s products were now completely in our hands. This provided full control of the final result. Flawless manufacturing was insured through triple inspections at all stages. DIEL®Sport continually strives to ensure that quality management effectively identifies and meets customers’ requirements and increases their satisfaction. This allowed us to guarantee the constant top quality the brand stands for and to grant each DIEL®Sport product with a TWENTY-FOUR months warranty since 2010.

In 2013, DIEL®Sport factory received certification by ISO 9001:2008 - the International Standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS) as assessment of our commitment to quality and focus on customers and ability consistently to provide a product that not only meets all standards, but also competes with the best in the field.

After major overhaul in 2014, we increased environmental safety and reduced the energy needs and CO2 emissions with more than 40%. Now DIEL®Sport factory is in the Top 10 most modern production facilities for ski apparel in the world, implementing leading technologies in compliance with all regulations regarding health and safety, child labor ban and ecological sustainability.

Diel®Sport is committed to labor ethics, social and environmental responsibility and European prosperity and stays true to the principles to ensure a coherent approach to management of business activities, to be a loyal partner and to satisfy customers persistently.

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